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Medical Center
Dr. Barry M. Cogen
Board Certified
Family Physician
2772 Johnson Drive
Suite 114
Ventura, CA 93003
Board Certified
Family Practice
Addiction Medicine
Licensed Suboxone
My patients and I enjoy a mutual respect for each other because there is no third-party involvement.
Real hands on manual therapy of the spine and extremities that corrects the musculoskeletal system.
A greatly accepted prescription medication indicated for the treatment of opioid dependence.
Compassionate Care
I don't believe in assembly-line medicine, so we don't overbook, yet my patients enjoy the availability of seeing me usually on a same-day basis.  When you call my office, you will never be told, "He's too busy to see you today."  Likewise, you will never be told, "Your problem isn't serious enough for the doctor to see you at this time."  All my patients are seen and heard, not herded, and no one leaves feeling rushed.
Addiction Medicine
Family Medicine
I am a licensed Suboxone physician, qualified to treat opioid dependence.  In addition to medication, we also utilize professional counseling and psychosocial support to break our patients of their opioid addiction, which is a valid medical condition.
Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine are licensed physicians that put special emphasis on the role of the bones, muscles, and joints in the functioning of the human body.  D.O.'s are neither chiropractors nor physical therapists, but rather specially trained medical doctors.
This is neither a clinic nor an HMO.  I am a solo practitioner.  Since I am neither a hired nor contracted doctor, I am able to make proper medical decisions together with you, without having to worry about the hassles of obtaining permission to get what you need and deserve.
Our Practice
We are committed to delivering the highest quality care, while making your visit as comfortable and welcoming as possible.  Our private office's mission is to deliver you with the patient care you deserve and get you in top condition as quickly as possible.  To arrange an appointment, please contact Wendy.